Memorials to criminals as we take down veterans statutes from the civil war pray for better judgement in our leaders. ~RJH

While we tear done statues of veterans in America some misguided, politically-correct politicians have to jab a stick in the eye of our law enforcement officers!! WHow does this even make a bit of sense to honor a thug that ASSAULTED A POLICE OFFICE IN THE COMMISSION OF HIS DUTY?

Here is the statute that makes southern civil war soldiers veterans. Cornell law .edu It is crystal clear and should be followed. There are too many citizens that have been programmed by the liberals favorite weapon of silence, political correctness!!

It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to start demanding that this assault against FREE SPEECH stop!! Rules on free speech is not free speech!!! Stop taking your rights for granted good men and women died for them and your freedom. Exercise your rights !!!


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