Hey Man Nice Shot!!!

Hey, the jig is up!! The game is over!!Liberals it is time to come clean! You made the mistake of underestimating WE THE PEOPLE !!! Sure you fooled many .but when you control the sources they get their “trusted” information from that is called agenda!! When you tell a lie day after day the weaker minded start to tell it as fact and why? Because they “heard it on the news” I have heard that statement numerous times as an excuse for a flat out lie!!

If we can not trust those that are supposed to be the Guardians of free speech the ” FREE PRESS” (another right surrendered willingly by many) where do we turn? For years, before social media, they spoon feed us reasons “for our safety” to nibble and nibble away at our rights until all we have left is the bone!!!. I say we demand better journalist!! I have no training nor did well in high school, but I stand as an American (makes me a journalist in the 1st amendment )  I cry for ALL Americans to unite and demand politicians that can stay within the budget they are given!!!!, stand up for human rights by banning and deporting ANYONE who believes in sharia law ( it oppresses women and children & Christians, Jews, Hindu,, etc… #AMERICANPRIDE ). Demand that JOURNALIST OR CELEBATIES GIVING THEIR OPINION SPEAK THE TRUTH !!! Let us decide!!! We are tired of being played as fools because FOOLS WE ARE NOT!!! ~RJHFeatured Image -- 614

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