The Anti-Christ Declares America “is no longer a Christian nation”, yet is full of praise for Islam!!~RJH

While Americans were distracted by their favorite sports team or their new cell phone an invasion has been taking place.  Since 1970 they have flooded into America. Center for Immigration Studies

Middle Easterners are one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in America. While the size of the overall immigrant population (legal and illegal) has tripled since 1970, the number of immigrants from the Middle East has grown more than seven-fold, from fewer than 200,000 in 1970 to nearly 1.5 million in 2000. per.

Let’s take a look at one city in America with a population of approx. 96,000 residents half which is Muslim.  Now, remember this is real and raw footage. We The People’s YouTube Channel  Islam does not like to be questioned, Look at how “security” acts. This is in America.The police no help. “designated areas” really have the even read a Constitution? This is sharia-law in practice in America. They are not here to assimilate they are here to dominate.  When they have the numbers the animal and savage come out. Please, America wake up to the TRUTH. Islam is not peaceful and never will be.

Assult, by “security” all recorded. The police do nothing? Here is a video done by  Dennis Michael Lynch taking to Residents of Dearborn, MI.  All the lies the media and sold out politicians have forced into your mind by the steady drip of digital dementia on the evening “news: are false, Islam is not peaceful.

Here is a list of terrorist attacks. Warning Be Prepared to scroll!! List of terrorist incidents Islam believes sharia Law is higher than Constitutional law, This is America the land of the Free time to be loud and proud. Stop looking the other way. How many more cities are we going to lose to Islam before we realize the DANGER?~RJH

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