What I Have Learned From Liberals Over the Past Few Year!!

I have learned a thing or two about liberals over the past few years. Stating a fact will get you called a number of names depending on the topic. Let’s take illegal immigration or truth be told a Mexican invasion If you state a fact you are called a racist, bigot etc.. when in fact illegal is not even a race. Liberal logic 101!!

What does this have to do with the media? They are the conduit from which the propaganda like political correctness spews its vile poison. In Fact (there is that pesky 4 letter word again) PC is anti-free speech. It is speech with rules and not the same as freedom of speech. They preach to us in the media and indoctrinate our kids in school with this “tolerance” except if you believe in God and Guns and the Constitution then it is evil, deplorable, White nationalist or whatever other verbal weapons their think tanks dream up.

I have one question!! ARE YOU TIRED OF IT? Are you tired of being lectured to by a party that believes it is ok to abort a baby at any point at any time? That is what Planned Parent Hood is pushing in every state of the union. Are you sick of being lectured to by a party that can not even figure out what bathroom to use or what sex their kid was born? more of that liberal logic 101!1

I watch them sow seeds of division among Americans on every issue. During the Obama Administration, everything was viewed through the microscope of race. The same has followed President Trump, but in reverse “He is a racist” according to our media whom never called President Trump that name before he entered the race against the propaganda master Clintons.

All of America watched as liberals attacked other Americans simply because they went to a Trump rally. Violence and lies were the Clinton strategy to win. While the bought media tried to blame the victims for the violence.

There are depending on who you ask approx.  20 million Mexican citizens in America illegally. Think about that for just a minute.  That is a lot of American jobs citizens have to share. Here Obama is openly encouraging a  Mexican Citizen to vote in an American election. Obama’s logic? You pay taxes even though that does not qualify you to vote interesting that a “Constitutional professor” could get that simple thing wrong.

I started this with the intention of showing emails that expose the corruption of our Press the Guardians of free speech, but it turned into something different. So here is a link to look up The emails. What you read will shock you if you are an honest person with morals. ~RJH

Most damaging Wiki leak emails Remember these are their own words!!!

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