Google Worked For The DNC During 2016 Presidential Elections!!

Google is the number one search engine. According to Statista Share of search queries handled by leading U.S. search engine providers as of January 2018 Google is used 67% of the time anything is searched online. It has the biggest web browser, Chrome, the biggest video channel, YouTube and the most used email, Gmail. All designed to capture information for Google. Most of us shrug this off as no big deal because of our digital addiction. We never really take the time to critically think about it. Information is power.

Now enter the 2016 elections, Google with offers its information gathering services to the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. Here is an email from Eric Schmidt the CEO of the parent company of Google to Cheryl Mills a top Clinton aide and confidant.

google1google 2google 3google 4google5google6google7google8google9google 10 This is amazing and I would like to see financials on who paid the workers. Keep in mind that Donald Trump also faced a corrupt media



The miracle of 2016. Reminds me a little of Rocky Balboa!! The true underdog won. Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE have had enough of the corruption in our Government. It is the “silent majority” to become the loud majority. Be proud and stand up for the American values that made this the best country in the world!!~RJH

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