Who Else Is Tired Of The Race Card In America?

It seems that the Race Card is being overplayed in America!! It is used as a verbal weapon to inflame others. We are going to show a few recent incidents of this.

From our Brother and Patriot Mark Dice:

Oh, wait there is more!!


The Third incident in a week. This is what Obama brought us with his war on Law n Order. This is terrible and needs to be addressed. We The People’s News does believe there are bad cops, but we do not believe all cops are bad. We have a system of judgment. A good police officer deescalates a situation a bad one escalates the situation.

How are we suppose to route out the bad cops with all of these false flags? If it were not for the bodycam videos these slanderous and irresponsible “citizens” may have gotten away with this!! We think All cops should wear body cames for their and citizens protections.

These officers were respectful. Where is the “mainstream” media on this? It doesn’t fit their agenda of cops are evil!! Please, share and exercise your right to free speech if these videos outrage you!! Thank you, Mark Dice, Mark Dice’s YouTube Channel for more great videos!!!~RJH

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