Are Liberals Declaring War On Their Fellow Citizens?

Wow, What happened to our “media”?  Every channel seems to be beating the drums of war against Trump and his supporters.  I have never seen anything like this before in America.

Why all of this?  Why the calls for harassment and violence against other citizens? Could you imagine if the roles were reversed?  Has the democratic party gone insane?  Are they imploding and their true colors of hate and disdain for America, Freedom, and the Constitution coming to light?

They have tried every “social justice” cause to wage war on our Police Officers. They attack our laws as unjust, yet it took both Democrats and Republicans to pass them. The blame Trump for separating kids, yet have amnesia about their own party doing the exact same thing. Selective outrage is fake outrage. Some even fake tears. I hope they are up for Oscars this year.

When you get past all the rhetoric and propaganda life come down to two choices.   You can choose the lawful (civil) way or God’s way, or you can choose the lawlessness (uncivil) or lucifer’s way.  Jesus gave us the measure with which to judge, “you know a tree by the fruit it bears”. It is really just that simple. “We are a government of laws, and not of men.”~ John Adams.   “The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.”— John Locke

America is finding out just how far reaching the treachery of the last Administration was and still is as they all support the “resistance” movement.  Now they want to harass and intimidate fellow Americans. I ask is that what America is about?  The verbal warfare weapons they spew with their forked tongues are astounding. They generalize millions of Americans as racist just for voting and electing the person they thought was best for the Job. Traitors like Bill Mahr are calling for a recession because “though it would hurt Americans it would get rid of Trump”, he theorizes! Wow, no care for their fellow Americans just illegals!!

It is time we DEMAND better from our PRESS and fellow Americans!! They bash American tradition and culture at every chance including Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. This is subversion from within. They censor conservatives like me on social media. I am enjoying another 30-day vacation from Facebook and have no idea why. They never showed me what I posted that was so offensive it earned me my 4th 30-day ban this year. No Number to call customer service be damned.

I put together this little visual aid that I hope you enjoy. I do not know how much longer I will be allowed to post on Facebook after this ban which is the reason I started this website. They will not silence me, but if you like what we do please, come and follow our site. We are 100% about the message of Freedom, Rights and the Constitution. Those who trample these will be call out for it. If you deem us worthy please follow, like and share. Use the 1st amendment so we never have to pick up the 2nd. They are turning up the heat and so should we!!~RJH


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