Cohen’s Secretly Recorded Tapes Another Nothing Burger For The Lunatic Liberals

   I am confused.  What do Trumps “alleged” affairs and have to do with the Russians? The special counsel obtained a search warrant to search for “

According to multiple people with knowledge of the search warrant, investigators were also looking for communications and records associated with:

What does this have to do with Russia?  That case has not found one shred of evidence and the House Intelligence Committee Cleared President Trump.  They are the top dog over our Justice system. “House Intelligence Committee released on Friday their 243-report on the results of the committee’s yearlong Russia probe, detailing their investigation and conclusions that investigators found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.” reported by ABC news in House Republicans release full Russia investigation report, clearing Trump

Is it even legal or ethical to record a person’s conversations without their consent? The law in most place is a single party consent law. The ethical aspect is different.

     “The law on secret recording. Federal statutes and more than two-thirds of state statutes permit the taping of conversations as long as one party to the conversation consents. It is therefore legal in most states for a lawyer to secretly record a conversation with a potential witness. But it is almost always illegal for the lawyer to arrange to record a potential witness’s conversation with another if at least one of the parties to the conversation has not consented. In addition, federal law provides that no part of an illegally intercepted oral or wire conversation may be admitted into evidence. When a conversation is lawfully recorded, a lawyer may seek to admit it into evidence if it is used to impeach or there is an applicable hearsay exception.

     The ethics of secret recording. Ethics codes, such as the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, do not specifically address covert recording by lawyers. The secret recording of conversations potentially implicates a number of general ethical standards, however. Model Rule 8.4 states that it is “professional misconduct for a lawyer too. . . engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.””

Via: Trial Practice To Tape or Not to Tape: Secret Recordings

If these tapes are part of evidence now in an FBI investigation why did Cohen release them to CNN?  Why are they even relevant?  Do they contend a law was broken and which one and by whom? There are 180 tapes and only 1 with Donald Trump Present.

Here is the big CNN News Exclusive in their own words: Be warned it is a shocker!!!

Yep, the big shocker is President Donald Trump drinks coke!!!  What an amazing story CNN keep up the good work!! 🙂 This is what this circus has turned into. This is what happens when the FBI seals what they do. Why the raid?  What did it have to do with Russia? Nothing they are using the FBI to dig up dirt on a sitting President.  Imagine what they could do to an average Joe/Jane in America.

We have a runaway justice system in America.  This is a coup. Even if Trump paid those women off it is not illegal Bill Clinton did it and he paid more to one woman than Trump did to 2 allegedly. Bill lied under oath Trump has not. One is a felony one is being a politician.  It is time to take a stand against this attempted coup by those abusing their power. It is time to boycott all cable media and stop listening to their propaganda.

We are seeing many inspired by politicians and media that spew hate attacking American citizens because of their political beliefs. Calling All Patriots!! ANTIFA Must Be Stopped. They Are Attacking U. S. Citizens! This is the reality of the liberals seeking to keep power even after the We The People told them NO MORE by electing President Trump. They are not listening!!~RJH


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