The Manafort Trial is a Mockery of Justice

This Manafort case is such a joke it is beyond reason. Manafort’s tax evasion trial is nothing short of a victimization of someone who had the misfortune of falling in the crosshairs of Meuller’s all out assault to bring down President Trump by any and all means possible. This trial is a travesty of justice on so many levels.

On the face of it, this trial is completely politically motivated. If it weren’t for Mueller’s scheme to try to get those close to Trump to save themselves from prison time by cutting a deal with the Meuller team and tell them whatever they wanted to hear about Trump to save their own skins this trial would never have happened. This whole prosecutorial method under use in common practice in this country by prosecutors should be disallowed. If someone is facing incarceration, especially a long sentence, most of course would in a heartbeat perjure themselves and tell prosecutors whatever they wanted to hear to get a get out of jail free card.

So Mafafort is first in line to get railroaded by this Meuller attack squad. Meuller is no more interested in getting justice done than he is in seeing America become great again. He is on a devious mission essentially to accomplish a coup d’etat and reverse the will of the American voters. And he is shamelessly and mercilessly using and abusing any means at his disposal to accomplish this goal.

Some have asserted that there certainly is no plausible basis for the claim of this Russian collusion delusion being politically motivated since some members of the team are Republicans. The plain truth is that the deep state uses the left right paradigm to mask their operations. The deep state uses this cover to deceive the public as to what is really going on. Make no mistake about it, there are many Republican swamp dwellers who hate Trump just as much as the Democrats do.

The fact of the matter is Trump is an outsider plain and simple who poses a threat to those in both parties who have controlled this country via this duopoly for decades, which has falsely been sold to us as a two party system. Under the cover of this false narrative the deep state plots their trade in which their ultimate goal is their ascendancy to absolute power over us great unwashed.

But to low information citizens who have fallen under the spell of this narrative the Meuller team is just following their directive following wherever this investigation leads even though it strains the bounds of sensibility to envision how tax evasion has anything to do with Russian collusion. After all there is no way Republicans would be going after other Republicans. So those who scream political motivation get dismissed out of hand.

Another reason this case doesn’t pass the smell test is that the IRS had already considered this case previously and determined that there was not enough evidence to bring charges. Hmmm, now all of a sudden there is. Was there some new smoking gun that was unearthed? No, just the same file. And if there was some damning piece of new evidence the Meuller team came across on their way to getting rid of Trump why didn’t they simply make a criminal referral to the IRS? Isn’t tax evasion under IRS jurisdiction? And by what authority does Mueller have to prosecute a case having nothing whatsoever to do with Russian collusion?

So let’s take a look at what we have to date. We have an unrestricted special counsel who for all practical purposes answers to no one (unprecedented), who now apparently is unconstrained by the prime directive of what purportedly the investigation was established for in the first place, now going after suspected tax evaders (unprecedented), who leads an investigation in search of a crime in which no probable cause for any crime was ever put forth for the basis for the ordering of a special counsel (unprecedented), who leads an investigation in which the only foundation for it’s very existence is a fake dossier from a tabloid falsely presented to a FISA judge as intelligence community intel (a crime) (unprecedented), who there is more evidence that Meuller himself colluded with Russia by not acting upon evidence he sat on that high crimes were committed in the uranium one deal when he was FBI director (unprecedented).

WTH! You can’t make this stuff up folks! Can something like this really happen in America? Unfortunately it can and this deep state gang goes on unimpeded. What does this say about where we are going? Meanwhile Trump is making America great again. Meanwhile Hillary, Obama and Meuller are still getting away with the real Russian collusion.

We are in debt to Paul Manafort for not cooperating with Meuller and his fellow criminals. Meuller was counting on Manafort making up a Russian collusion story on Trump that he could run with. Now he must prosecute a case that he thought he wouldn’t have to. By not caving Manafort is standing on principle for all of us and doing his part by not rolling over to these deep state criminals in their quest to topple maybe the best President this country has ever had.


by Nathan Anderson

3 Replies to “The Manafort Trial is a Mockery of Justice”

  1. PLEASE do some REAL research! Prosecutors allege that Manafort and Gates worked as unregistered agents of the government of Ukraine and the Party of Regions, a pro-Russian political party led by Victor Yanukovych. While serving as president of the former Soviet republic from 2010 to 2014, Yanukovych was closely aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    – which would be treason-

    The indictment says that up to $75 million flowed through overseas accounts controlled by the two Americans. Manafort is alleged to have laundered more than $18 million he used to buy property and goods in the United States. Gates is alleged to have transferred more than $3 million to accounts he controlled.

    – which would be money laundering-

    which manafort was investigated for 8 years ago and exonerated of ALL charges, by rosenstein! –

    it appears that need to learn how to ‘investigate’ JUST a little bit!

    this trial is FAR more than a ‘tax evasion’ case! who is manafort? what was manaforts duty while working on the Trump presidential campaign? what was the ‘insurance’ policy strok spoke of in his texts? what roles did rosenstein play in helping/hurting Trump? what would happen IF manafort was convicted? what is meuller SUPPOSED to be investigating? connecting the dots YET?


    1. Mr. Grimm, I am the founder of We The People’s News. This is one of my authors. It is my belief that If PaulManafort committed the Crimes mentioned in the indictment he should go to jail. I believe in justice for all. That being said. What I think my author was trying to get at is the Doube standard that we see once again being played out here. All of these alleged illegal actions happened years before the election and before he had anything to do with the Trump campaign. Dates ranging from 2006 to 2012. President Trump was not in any political picture then. Should President Trump have vetted him better? Was he a poor choice? A case could be made for that. What you are not giving President Trump credit for is this ” In August 2016, Manafort’s connections to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his pro-Russian Party of Regions drew national attention in the US, where it was reported that Manafort may have illegally received $12.7 million in off-the-books funds from the Party of Regions.[37]

      On August 17, 2016, Donald Trump received his first security briefing.[38] The same day, August 17, Trump shook up his campaign organization in a way that appeared to minimize Manafort’s role. It was reported that members of Trump’s family, particularly Jared Kushner who had originally been a strong backer of Manafort, had become uneasy about his Russian connections and suspected that he had not been forthright about them.[39] Manafort stated in an internal staff memorandum that he would “remain the campaign chairman and chief strategist, providing the big-picture, long-range campaign vision”.[40] However, two days later, Trump announced his acceptance of Manafort’s resignation from the campaign after Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway took on senior leadership roles within that campaign.[41][42]” Wikipedia
      From that we can discern it; if we are being honest, that when President Trump found out he made the necessary change. Is this the fault of the President? Paul Manafort was an influential man that joined the campaign and worked for no salary which I find a little suspicious. What was his real motivation.? The Press tries to play this like there is some big secret here and this is proof, Donald Trump with Russia. It is not and to say that is misleading and dishonest. The indictment has no ties or accusations in it against Donald Trump. These crimes happened 4 years before the election. Quick question. Why didn’t The Obama admin who was in charge do anything back then? Just like They knew about the Russians on Facebook as early as 2013 and did nothing. Obama failed to secure the U. S. elections, yet with no evidence what so ever and a fraudulent Dossier paid for by the Clintons the press blame President Trump. Was the dossier and plan to frame Trump the insurance plan from the same Agent that cleared Hilliary of her very obvious crimes? Same mane that said Hillary should win 1000000 to 1? No Bias there right? The same man that 2 days into the Russian investigation only 2 days talked impeachment of Trump in a text? Yeah, he was on that investigation also.
      You have also forgotten half this story. The Podesta brothers which Mueller, Suprise, Suprise is offering immunity to as they committed the same crimes. Why do they get immunity? Why not indict them also. Why try to cover their roll in this? See the double standard there? Be honest. Obama, Stok, Mueller and the Podestas all thought Hillary was going to win. This would never have made the light of day if that would have happened. After all the Clinton Foundation is also under investigation and The FEC being sued because they di no follow through on a complaint on the Hillary Clinton which they are bound by law to do. I guess you missed that one. She was accused of laundering 84 million during the elections and because the FEC did not follow through on the complaint filed they are being sued. They did nothing and the media reported nothing. We The Peoples News did:
      Hey, I have no mercy for these lobbyists that commit fraud. I just wish they would put both Manafort and The Podestas on trial, but the Podestas probably have too much dirt on the Clintons so they get immunity. Uranium any one? So what I think my author is trying to say is there is very much a double standard here the American people are tired of it!!! Trump had nothing to do with this yet it is unfairly used to slander his name. All this does is create more passengers on the Trump train.


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