Infowars app Still Available for IPAD

Since the recent deplatforming of Alex Jones on many of the social media platforms, the intended results of this attack on the free speech of conservatives has ostensibly backfired on the left. Alex has been flooded with an influx of followers since that time. Alex is one of the major conservative voices who has never been afraid to put out the truth no matter how politically incorrect it may be.

I had the Alex Jones show saved as a favorite on the tunein channel on my Roku account. In the past it had an archive where you could click on each day’s show. I noticed the last entry in the archive was August 6. Also before, the very last icon was for the current day titled ‘listen now’. I clicked on the August 6 entry, then I clicked on play. It said buffering and then went back to saying play but there was no sound. I checked a few more days with the same result. I don’t know if this is a glitch or if he has been removed from tunein . If anyone knows if he has been removed from tunein please let us know in the comment section.

I was able get an Infowars app from the App Store on my IPad that works just fine and it is free so apparantly the rumors are correct that Apple has not taken him down. Kudos to Apple for their continued support of free speech in our country. Please spread the word that he can be accessed on IPads. I assume that means he can be accessed on other Apple devices as well.

I also brought down a windows10 infowars app on my desktop or at least it said it was installed but then I could not locate it in the download folder and when I tried to do a search I could not find it on my computer.

Please stand by Alex in his battle to get the word out. As Roger Stone opined that he believes Alex is a test case. Once they stop him the rest will fall like dominoes – Ingram, Hannity, Rush on their way to their utopian Orwellian society.

Please share in the comment section any and all platforms that you all are still able to find Alex on. If we don’t hang together we will most assuredly hang separately!

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