The Washington Post Is Blaming Trump For Hurricane Florence!!

The liberals have lost their mind!! So in President Trumps 2 years in office, he did catastrophic damage to our Climate?  Here is their hilarious article Yes, you can blame President Trump for Hurricane Florence  They contend:

• Hurricanes and other storms are intensified by additional atmospheric or ocean warmth, and guess what?

• Insufficiency of climate action has already contributed to the intensification of storms in the past, in the present and in the future with ever more and ever worse to come.

• Trump is not only failing to act in the face of this catastrophe, but is also actively and deliberately making the problem worse. Just this week, his administration is talking about new rules to allow more methane, a super-greenhouse gas, to flood into the atmosphere.

• Everybody has trouble connecting the dots between catastrophic climate-amplified storms (like Florence) and human actions (like Donald). This is an excellent time to connect them.

Yes, More accusations. I think sometimes the left thinks Trump is an all-powerful God!! There is no way one man can be all the names they have called him.  The liberals get more insane by the day and the Washington Post is a rag not worthy of reading except as comedy!! Please, share and show the world just how insane our media is!!~RJH

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