Man Arrested And Charged With Planning To Detonate Explosive Device On The National Mall On Election Day To Attract Support For “Sortition”

What is Sortition?

Sortition ensures all competent and interested parties have an equal chance of holding public office. It also minimizes factionalism, since there would be no point making promises to win over key constituencies if one was to be chosen by lot. Elections, by contrast, foster factionalism. For that reason, when the time came to choose individuals to be assigned to empowering positions. Wikipedia: Sortition

But wait it gets better: “John Burnheim, in his book Is Democracy Possible? describes a political system in which many small “citizen’s juries” would deliberate and make decisions about public policies.”

Marxist economists Allin Cottrell and Paul Cockshott propose that to avoid the formation of a new social elite in a post-capitalist society,  The various organs of public authority would be controlled by citizens’ committees chosen by lot” or partially chosen by lot.”

Democracy arises after the poor are victorious over their adversaries, some of whom they kill and others of whom they exile, then they share out equally with the rest of the population political offices and burdens; and in this regime, public offices are usually allocated by lot”

So violence is the means!! Who does this sound like? Who is causing violence on our streets, Harassing our lawmakers, and anyone who openly supports them? Who is attacking their fellow Americans and using Social Justice as their justification?  It is time to take a stand for freedom, rights, and the Constitution. WE CAN VOTE THOSE OUT WHO DO NOT PUT THE CONSTITUTION, RIGHTS, AND FREEDOM FIRST!

Our kids deserve the same freedom we grew up with, and it is our duty to ensure they have it! We are in a civil war and the sides are Social Justice (socialism) vs The Constitution (Freedom). Distribution of Wealth is the goal of Social Justice. They do not care how they obtain this goal!  Violence, slander, lies, propaganda, smear campaigns, and a corrupt media are their tools.

This man sure was no freedom loving American.  He obviously did not believe in the Constitution nor Fair Elections!

“In August and September 2018, ROSENFELD sent letters and text messages to an individual in Pennsylvania (“Individual-1”).  These letters and text messages stated that ROSENFELD planned to build an explosive device and detonate it on November 6, 2018, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  ROSENFELD’s stated reason for these acts was to draw attention to his political belief in “sortition,” a political theory that advocates the random selection of government officials.” From Rockland County Man Charged With Manufacturing An Explosive Device And Transporting Explosives Across State Lines

It is time to take the threats from the left serious.  We did the first step electing Trump now we have to send as much help to aid him in this battle. We have just begun and the job is the biggest America has ever faced.  For years the globalists have been putting their people in our government, schools, and media! It is going to take time and much hard work to root them out and replace them.  Be vigilant and strong America is worth the fight! Anything that goes against our Constitution is UNAMERICAN AKA TREASON!~RJH

“The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution.”
— U.S. Constitution, Article VI, clause 3

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