How Islam Is Winning In America: November 20, 2018, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman Declared Unconstitutional A U.S. Law Banning Female Genital Mutilation.

    What is Female Genital Mutilation? 

   “Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision,[a] is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. The practice is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is common. UNICEF estimated in 2016 that 200 million women living today in 30 countries—27 African countries, Indonesia, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Yemen—have undergone the procedures

The practice is rooted in gender inequality, attempts to control women’s sexuality, and ideas about purity, modesty, and beauty. It is usually initiated and carried out by women, who see it as a source of honor and fear that failing to have their daughters and granddaughters cut will expose the girls to social exclusion.[8] Adverse health effects depend on the type of procedure; they can include recurrent infections, difficulty urinating and passing menstrual flow, chronic pain, the development of cysts, an inability to get pregnant, complications during childbirth, and fatal bleeding.[7] There are no known health benefits.” Wikipedia: Female genital mutilation

What is happening to America? Here is a barbaric 3rd world practice to oppress women and we passed an act banning it in 1996.  This law in this “judges” eye is unconstitutional though there is no health benefit whatsoever from this barbaric, oppressive procedure.  This is a huge victory for Sharia-Law in America. This goes against freedom of choice and is a choice forced upon a female child purely for religious reasons and to control women.

Where are the Femi-Nazis? Why the silence? This should be on all the media channels, but most will not address this. America is about freedom and rights.  Islam is about oppression and control the two are not compatible.  This was a sad day for freedom of choice. Americans need to take a long look in the mirror and start paying closer attention. Many are just headline readers and easily led down the path of “Social Justice”, Islam and globalism.  They hate our President because their TV told them too.

This is another sign of the fall of freedom. There is a war on women in America, but it is not from those who believe in freedom and our Constitution. It is from those who believe in oppression and “social justice” AKA socialism. There are many easy code words that expose one’s true intention. Here are a few. Social Justice, Equality of Outcome, Collective, economic justice, distribution of wealth, community organizer etc..

The UN is trying to take over the globe and we will be doing a series of articles on this subject. They are behind open borders and who is supplying the caravan. The UN wants to make migration anywhere anytime a human right and they are using Social Justice as their battle cry. What stands in their way? Our Constitution and Freedom. Russia is also against Globalization and this is the reason they want to cause tension between us and them. They do not want us unified against the UN and Globalism!~RJH

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