We The Peoples News Go Fund Me Account To File Suit On Facebook For Violating the 1st Amendment!

We have never begged for donations.  We do not even have ads on at our website. This has NEVER been about Money. This has always been about Freedom to us.  The problem is we are up against giant corporations that think it is O.K to censor what Americans say. This has NEVER been acceptable since the day our Country was born, and NEVER should be in a Free Society.

We have been researching this issue since we are constantly being censored. I am going to File a suit and see what happens. I could use your help to fund this suit. We will post everything every step of the way to keep you informed and show how every dollar you donate goes into the suit.

Please, help us keep America Free. Without Free speech, there is no Freedom.  It really is that simple.  Thank You and God Bless! Any  Amount will Help!

Please click our Gofund me Link Here and Help! Time to end Social Media Censorship

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