The Border Security National Emergency is Legal and Crucial to America’s Survival

There are over 30 national emergencies now in affect going back to the Carter administration. As President Trump referred to in the Rose garden, some for a lot less of a plausible justification than this one. And as President Trump said – “If you don’t have a border you don’t have a country”. Our border is so porous that essentially we have been overran with human traffickers, drug smugglers, murderers, rapists and illegal immigrants in general to the point that border security has been all but impossible to maintain and a scourge upon our nation.


The radical left along with their fake news propaganda arm would have us believe that President Trump has no legal basis for declaring this national emergency. Not only have many ongoing national emergencies been declared over past decades for a variety of reasons, there is indeed a Constitutional basis as well as a statutory basis for the unequivocal authorization for President Trump to take such an action as our nation’s commander-in-chief. 

The president has the constitutionality delegated power as well as the duty to protect the citizens of this nation from eminent threats both foreign and domestic.

The President accurately referred to the emergency at our southern border as an invasion. The Dems and the fake news cites statistics from ports of entry of drug seizures actually being down from what it has been in the past to push their narrative that this is not a crisis at all; that the problems at the border are getting better instead.



It’s not rocket science, however, to surmise that statistics compiled from data collected from ports of entry do not come anywhere close to telling the whole story as to the level that our border security has been breached. Think about it. If you were a drug smuggler do you think you would be more likely to get caught by rolling up to a port of entry teeming with highly trained agents (armed to the teeth), drug sniffing dogs, and cutting edge high tech equipment or would you be more apt to be successful hitting the back country where you could roll through the border with all terrain vehicles with nothing stopping you but maybe a cattle fence, if that, and a border patrol officer who has 20 or more miles of border to patrol?  All you have to do is just sit back and wait for him to come through knowing that he won’t be back for a while, plenty long enough time to safely scidadle through? If you believe the majority of these guys are choosing the highly fortified and secured ports of entry over the back country I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you!


And as President Trump pointed out,  can you imagine these human traffickers showing up at a port of entry with women and/or children bound and gagged in the back? That makes about as much sense as the viability of Obamacare or taking the guns away from law abiding citizens so just the criminals have them. So I guess to a leftist maybe that makes perfect sense, but you would have to crawl inside their minds to figure that out; no place I want to be!


The other statistic proudly touted by the fake news was that seizures at airports is way down. Give me a break! Does anybody really believe that these smugglers and human traffickers don’t have their own landing strips out in the middle of nowhere to land at? They don’t even need that; just a flat piece of ground will do. Gee, there’s not much of that in the southwest is there? Or what about planes with pontoons landing on ponds or lakes? Who knows, maybe the seizures at airports are down because the smugglers and human traffickers figured out after being caught so many times at airports that maybe they would have better luck trying something else. Duh! Ya think!?


If you don’t think this is an invasion just ask one of the angel moms or dads what their opinion is about that. Or ask the family members who have lost a loved one to drugs that have been smuggled in. By our border not being secured we have lost untold thousands of our citizens just as we would in a war on a foreign shore. 


In addition to the fact that there are 30 plus national emergencies still in effect that nobody ever had any qualms with up until now, these criminal invaders who have been ransacking our country are more of a threat to our very existence as a sovereign nation than this stupid quagmire in Afghanistan; the longest and most expensive war in American history which we never should have got involved in in the first place. Think of all of the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been wasted on this ridiculous war and how much that money could have accomplished here at home. And the Democrats are complaining about a few billion for the wall which they had no problem voting for in the past!

What the left doesn’t say is that the real reason they don’t want the wall is because it will cut off the biggest future source of the expansion of their voter base – illegal aliens who the Dems have benefited from greatly, not only by their illegal votes, but also by the Dems getting more seats in Congress by way of the illegals being counted in the census in Heavily Democrat areas in California where they have picked up 10 seats. (somebody please explain to me how in the hell this is constitutional!) not to mention greatly augmented federal funding in those areas because of the illegals.


And how is a President performing his primary duty of protecting the American citizenry challengeable anyway? He is not only on firm ground constitutionally by making this declaration, his legal authorization is additionally specifically spelled out in statute in which the President is authorized to construct barricades (ie: WALLS) to establish border security.


President Trump should out and out ignore the Dems’ wanton unconstitutional judge shopping stall tactics in the liberally infested 9th district!








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