Muslims Are Patrolling The Streets Of New York In Police Uniforms and Cars. Our Media Silent!

This is not a joke nor a fake news story. Muslims have created their own police force and have 30 officers. They have no Constitutional authority and should be arrested for impersonating a police officer like you and I would be. Media? Silent of course!

Muslim cop car

NYC Muslims New Community Patrol, With Squad Cars, Have Residents Worried About ‘Creeping Sharia Law’

Our media is silent. Cnn did a video on Muslims patroling in Europe but has not touched the subject since. Now we have it here in America. They are not trained in Constitutional law so what law are they enforcing? Sharia? Here is the CNN video on Europe and this is now starting in America. It is time to wake u America the barbarians are past the gate!

Here is the video of their patrols in America also in this video is an example of their demands and reaction to being told no. They have some nerve to DEMAND things from those who gave them “refugee” Now put all that together with those who call Isalm peaceful and you will find those who are betraying their own country!

If this video made you angry there is still hope for America. Please, share and help spread the word. Our media is not honest and have not been for a long time. The Guardians of free speech have sold us out and it is up to us citizens to keep freedom. Stop listening to liberal lies and research before you believe! We try to bring you the news that the mainstream media selectively edits out to control your mind. Unfortunately, many Americas fall for it because they do not get the proper information to make an informed decision. Instead, they make emotional ones based on propaganda! It is our duty to protect and ensure freedom!~RJH

3 Replies to “Muslims Are Patrolling The Streets Of New York In Police Uniforms and Cars. Our Media Silent!”

  1. Must me need to be stopped and sent back to where they came from now. America wake up and stand and unite against these muslime extremist, and those sell out liberals !!!!!!!!!


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