More Media Bias From Their Own Mouths! What a Disgrace!!

Once again stellar work by Project Veritas: New York Times Company Culture Revealed: “Everyone hates Trump”  How can the truth get out when everyone in a news organization hates our President? The press is no longer trustworthy.

Here is a video showing the truth in their own words

The arrogance of thinking their job is to “control how we think” is dangerous to freedom!!

In this video, another media outfit says they did all they could to help Hillary Clinton. Is that the job of the Free Press? Has journalism fallen to the point that facts and truth no longer matter to those who bring you the news?

There are many examples of news bias out there if one just takes the time to look. That is what these fakes, phonies, and frauds count on for you to blindly follow, after all, it has to be true because you say it on the news!! The news is scripted and we no longer have journalist we have actors~RJH


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