There is a Push From Liberals to Make Pedophilia Legal. Guess That explains Their Allegiance to Islam

We The Peoples News

Twitter bans people for conservative values and we all know it. Liberals like it!!! I ask why does it not protect children? They do not ban those pushing the LGBTP agenda!!

creep 1.PNG I don’t know about you but I find this highly offensive!! Sure more offensive than conservative values which surprise, surprise run opposite of this smut!!! Here is another.  creep-2.png          This nut says pedophilia is as natural as rain!! This is sick. I ask why does Twitter allow this? And yet another!!  creep 3 I ask is this progress or perversion and the do whatever feels-good crowd is gaining traction in America? What is happening to our morals?

One “religion” the LGBTP has as an ally in Islam. Well, at least the P part. Islam condemns homosexuality (by penalty of death), yet pedophilia is an ongoing practice. Let’s not forget the worldwide epidemic of the Roman Catholic Church and their abuse of children. 

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