YouTube Busted!; Caught Cutting Hannity Tonight Full Episodes Down to 2 Seconds the Next Day Every Day

We all I am sure are aware of the campaign of the social media platforms to silence conservative voices in various forms such as shadow banning, Facebook jail, removal of posts and accounts, and the infamous deplatforming of Alex Jones on over 100 platforms virtually simultaneously.

Well here is a new technique I recently discovered that YouTube is employing to throttle truth getting out to the people of this country from one of the foremost conservative talk show hosts. I refuse to pay the exorbitant cable or satellite bills so I had been watching the full episodes of Hannity Tonight on YouTube up until about 6 months ago. At that time I noticed that I was unable to pull up the full episodes anymore on YouTube. After a while I thought YouTube was taking them down as part of their war on free speech so I kinda gave up on it.

But then one night after Hannity Tonight was done airing live, about 10:00 eastern or so, I was surfing on YouTube and noticed the full episode of that night’s show was up. So I thought I had better watch it before YouTube took it down. Then the next day I looked in my history and saw that this same video was marked as a 2 second video; hmmm.

Over the course of several days I noticed that YouTube was doing this the next day to every Hannity Tonight full episode video that patriots had been putting up. Who knows why they are doing it this way; maybe so no one can say that they are taking the videos down. Well what the hell is the difference between taking them down and cutting full episodes down to 2 seconds; I guess maybe some sort of plausible deniability to charges from congress and the public that they are infringing upon the free speech rights of conservatives.

So for now anyway, as long as patriots keep uploading the full episodes of Hannity Tonight and YouTube keeps doing things the way they’ve been doing it, within an hour after Hannity Tonight is over, about 10:00 eastern time or so, you have a good shot of finding the full episode, for that night’s show only, on YouTube.

Here’s the screen shots that back up what I am saying here. The first one shows the full episode that I watched the night of the show. Even though the length is not shown on this shot you can see the start of red at the left end of the timeline at the bottom of the video. I’ll guarantee you that you couldn’t take a screen shot showing that small of a portion of red on the timeline on a 2 second video. Just try it. Obviously the portion of the full timeline that is red is an extremely small percentage of the full timeline. From this you can see this certainly has to be a fairly long video. The next 2 screen shots more definitively nail them to the wall.


The second screen shot shows the length of this video. The video is located on the bottom right of the screen, my history, showing the length of this video to be 41:30, which is consistent with what one would expect to be the length of a full episode of Hannity Tonight.


The third screen shot is the smoking gun. Check this out. You can clearly see that it is the same video with the same title as the above video of length 41:30 and it is the full episode for 10/25/19. But now look at the timeline for this video on the next screen shot below. Clearly it now shows a length of 2 seconds for the same video. This happens to all of these full episode videos of Hannity Tonight the next day after they go up. Sorry YouTube, You’re busted!

This isn’t too surprising that YouTube is pulling this crap since Hannity has been hammering on the deep state corruption and the ongoing coup attempts of a duly elected president Day in and day out probably more than anyone out there for the past 3 years. Please spread the word so as many people as possible who opt out of cable and satellite highway robbery or don’t have access to Fox News can at least for now watch Hannity the night of the airing on YouTube and keep up with this vital information about the deep state corruption and what the Barr justice dept. is doing to bring these traitors of our nation to justice! God bless you Hannity! YouTube not so much.



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